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Welcome to the McGrath Computer Learning Center class page for our Windows 10 courses Exploring Windows 10 and Overview of Windows 10 Workshop. This page presents information to supplement what you learn in the class. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to some of this supplemental information.

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Breaking News

April 17, 2017. The Creators Update, a major update, began rolling out on April 11. Microsoft said the rollout may take several months to reach everyone's computer via the normal Windows Update process. If you want to get it immediately, go to the Download Windows 10 web page on Microsoft's web site. You can review the changes coming in the Creators Update at this article from Windows Central.

January 6, 2017. You might still be able to get the upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you use assistive technologies in Windows. For example, if you use the Magnifier to make things bigger under the cursor, you may be eligible. Go to this Microsoft web page about how you can still upgrade for free, even here in 2017, months after the original free upgrade offer expired.

Answers to Questions Asked During the Class

Supplemental Information

Keyboard Shortcuts. Below is a list of shortcuts useful for Windows 10.

You can find a complete list of keyboard shortcuts at this web page.


Links to supplement the class materials.

What's New in the Anniversary Update? - The How To Geek's summary. Complete and clear.

Privacy Concerns? - A clear, straight-forward article about privacy settings in Windows 10.

Get Started - An article from the support wiki on the Microsoft site. This article provides links to resources on the Microsoft site to help with learning Windows 10. Comprehensive and complete.

Overall Questions and Answers About Windows 10 - Another article written by Ed Bott (who I consider the most reliable of all the Windows "experts") that addresses common questions about Windows 10, from upgrading to what's new. Bott writes straightforwardly, but there are a few technical concepts in this article.

Index of Microsoft Help for Windows 10 - The first place you should go to search for help with Windows 10 on the Internet.

Control Your Privacy - There is a lot written about the information sent to Microsoft by Windows 10. You, however, have control of most of it. This article takes you through the Privacy settings and tells you what each of them means and the benefit of turning it off or leaving it on.

Review of Windows 10 - General discussion of Windows 10 with links to other pages that provide useful information.

Basics of Using the Computer - This is not spedific to Windows 10, and it is somewhat dated (2008), but it's a good list of some basic tips that everyone who uses a computer at home ought to be aware of.

Zen and the Art of File and Folder Organization - This is not specific to Windows 10, but it may be the most complete discussion of setting up your file system that I've seen. I'm not saying this is the way you should organize your files, but it is a complete system that you may want to take some points from.

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