Jim Brown's Website

There's not a lot of content here anymore. I lost interest in maintaining it and took most of it down. This is what I left up: this Home page, my blog (no longer maintained), an About page, and some notes about Windows 10.

If you're interested or just curious, you may still read the blog. It is no longer updated nor maintained. Use at your own risk.

I taught adults to use computers for 12 years at the Center for Lifelong Learning at the University of South Carolina Aiken. (I still do the website for the Center.) One course I taught was Windows 10. I put some notes on the web for my students here. The notes are no longer updated, but you might find an answer to a question you have about Windows 10.


I love Peggy Noonan's writing and most of her opinions: "I’m not saying once we had Henry Clay and now we have Marjorie Taylor Greene but—well, I guess I am saying that. And I think it’s dangerous."202404271027

Shouldn't it give Trump supporters pause that both China and Russia are taking steps to help him win the presidency in 2024? 202404091725

We are NOT in a recession. In fact, the economy is growing. You can test your understanding of the facts here.202405230659