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Not much here anymore. What's left: this Home page, my blog (no longer maintained), an About page, and some notes about Windows 10 (no longer maintained).

Now it's just a place to record some occasional thoughts. You may comment using my email address at the bottom of the page.


Even if you are a lifelong baseball fan, I'll bet you've never seen this. 202405261024

We are NOT in a recession. In fact, the economy is growing. You can test your understanding of the facts here. 202405230659

Shouldn't it give Trump supporters pause that both China and Russia are taking steps to help him win the presidency in 2024? 202404091725

I love Peggy Noonan's writing and most of her opinions: "I’m not saying once we had Henry Clay and now we have Marjorie Taylor Greene but—well, I guess I am saying that. And I think it’s dangerous." 202404271027