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Welcome to the McGrath Computer Learning Center class page for the PowerPoint Presentations Workshop. This page presents answers to questions that we could not answer in class and a list of links that may be useful for supplementing what you learned in the workshop. Don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions or comments you have about the course—my e-mail address is jcb37310@yahoo.com.


Answers to Questions Asked During the Workshop

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The links below may be used to supplement what you learned during the workshop.

Official Microsoft PowerPoint Website. You can sign up for a free trial of PowerPoint from here. There is also a link at the top of the page to use the free web (online) version of PowerPoint (requires a free Microsoft account). Page also includes links to tips and tutorials for using PowerPoint.

General Information about PowerPoint. Wikipedia article about all versions of PowerPoint.

Set Up Slide Show to Play Continuously. Most of us have been to a family reunion, a wedding, or a funeral where a projector or TV was showing photo memories while the event was underway. This page shows how to set up PowerPoint to do this. There are two tabs on this page, one for macOS (which the link opens to) and one for Windows. Both work. The macOS procedure also works in Windows and is simpler, but not as flexible, as the one for Windows. The macOS screenshots are slightly different from those in Windows, but you will be able to follow the instructions.

Adding Animation to Your Slides. Sometimes it is useful to have a point on your slide "fly in" to draw attention to it or maybe have the point you are currenlty talking about be brighter than other points on the slide. You can achieve both of these effects with animations. But be careful, too much animation will just distract and confuse your audience. Note: the basics of adding animation were covered in class; this tutorial will give you a foundation for learning more about applying animation.

Using PowerPoint Effectively. The results of a Google search with the search terms "using powerpoint effectively." Many links to explore.

PowerPoint is Evil. Article by Edward Tufte, a guru in presenting information in a clear and understandable manner.

The Gettysburg Address Using PowerPoint. A humorous look at how PowerPoint could totally deflate one of history's greatest speeches.

Life After Death by PowerPoint. A humorous look at common mistakes in making PowerPoint slides.

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